Welcome Home Baby!! (and a freebie!)

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the extended absence, but there is good news...Baby Rosalee is happily with us at home!

On Wednesday, February 23rd, I woke up at 5:30 with a contraction. I continued to do so every ten minutes until I finally gave in and got out of bed at 8:00. I was positive that it was "Baby Day"!

I called hubby to warn him that he might expect a call to come home sometime through the day. Luckily, that gave him enough time to prepare for someone to cover his classes, but I didn't have to make him skip out! I worked through contractions getting steadily closer and stronger until 7:00pm when we finally got our things together and headed for the hospital.

After only 4 hours at the hospital (compared to 40 with the first and 14 with the second) we had a sweet little baby girl with us!! At 8lb15 and 53cm, she was right between the sizes of her two sisters at birth.

We were fortunate enough to get a fantastic doctor who, being from Egypt and working at a VERY busy hospital, had delivered over 20,000 babies. 

We had a good stay in the hospital with no complications, no recovery pain, and a visit from big sister (other big sis had a cold and stayed home). 

So now, as a thank you for reading about our newest addition, here is the printable I made while in labour! It's a set of ABC exercise cards/Dramatic play cards. Very exciting! Open them up and you'll see what I mean...


  1. Congratulations on your newest family member!!

  2. Sarah,
    I'm so happy for you! Congratulations! Beautiful baby :-) Daddy is SO happy :-)


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