Flashcard Links

I don't know about you, but we love flash cards around here! Little L started identifying animals and other things from flashcards at 7 months and has learned much of her vocabulary from them ever
since.The first flashcards we used regularly were a generous gift from her Omi:

I have since discovered, however, that there are tons of FREE flashcards available online! Here are some that we've enjoyed:

Animal "trading cards" with great photos and lots of information from Learning A-Z. These can be used to trade, as flashcards, or to play card games:

Insect flashcards that also teach the orders of insects.

A variety of flashcards from Lesson Sense, many of which are colour photographs:

Feel like learning Chinese? This was really important for us, since Little L was born in China:

Montessori landforms cards which will soon be turned into an awesome tactile experience for us!
You can also find lot of other free printable Montessori cards here.

We're big on music around here. We practice our rhythms with these Rhythm Cards from Layton Music. Take a look around - they also have lots of other great printable games and such!

So, there you have it - some of my fun finds for our kiddies! Tell me...what are your favorite online printable flashcards?


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