Educational Bath Time!

I like to think that every moment of the day has the potential to be educational. I also happen to think that paying $20+ for foam toys to play with in the bathtub is a little insane. My solution? DOLLARAMA! (Isn't it always?)

So, today, as Little L sat in the bathtub, I found myself thinking, "What a wasted opportunity to learn!" Out came my dollar store bought outdoor placemats for some tub-sticking bath shapes:

What You Need:

- Outdoor placemat or shelf liner (see above)
- Scissors
(Yup...that's it!)

What You Do:

1) Cut the placemat into shapes.
2) Wet and stick to side of tub.

I free-handed my shapes, but if you need a good template you can use these coloring pages from Fisher Price.

Little L had a blast sticking these to the side of the tub, to Nana's leg, to her own tummy. Just be sure to talk about the shapes you're using and, VOILA!, educational bath time!


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