Save the Hats!!

These are some of my oldest child's hats.

Yes, some. My big girl has probably a dozen hats (mostly gifted second hand) and if it were up to me, she would have six dozen more! I love babies in hats.

See...wouldn't you buy a bunch of hats too?

Anywho...I love hats on little people but I have found one small problem. Come on, moms, can you guess?

You see, hats on little people have a tendency to get tossed on the ground. "No big deal," you say, "...just pick it up off of the ground!" Well, if only it were that simple. In our family, the hat gets tossed waaaaay at the front of the big double stroller and then, long after, someone realizes that it's missing, resulting in us going backwards for the next ten minutes.

One such incident happened last week. It was a precious hat. One of those hats that not only has a matching outfit, but who's outfit also has a matching sibling outfit and hat. Can't lose that one, right? Well, as we were just entering the park fifteen minutes from our front door we realized it was gone. Slight panic attacks followed. We retraced our footsteps while praying for the best. As it turns out, it never left the driveway but it got me can I make sure none of our adorable hats ends up trampled on the sidewalk?

This is what I came up with. It involves ribbon, velcro, and an old negligee...?

What You Need:

- Your favourite hats
- Ribbon
- Needle/thread/scissors
- Adhesive velcro
- Scrap fabric, preferably in a matching colour to each hat

1) Sew a length of ribbon to your hat.
2) Attach two strips of hook velcro on either side of the ribbon.

3) Stick fabric (in my case, fabric from and old negligee) to back of loop velcro.
4) Bundle ribbon between pieces of hook velcro. Place loop velcro on top. (You are now in "I don't want the ribbon dangling while I run around" mode)

5) Secure ribbon to stroller or shirt with clip or safety pin.

 Version A has the ribbon sewn on and wrapped around the already existing bow.

Version B puts the ribbon on the inside of the rim instead of on the outside of the hat. This is my favourite variation!

Long live baby hats!!


  1. There is not much cuter than a baby in a hat! Unfortunately, mine would never wear them. :(

    Love these!

  2. Well, I'm here to tell you that these ribbons have already saved one hat! We went berry picking yesterday and while on the tractor ride a hat went flying off in the wind...but was caught by the ribbon! Yippee - success!


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