Tot School - Weeks 2-4

To School Weeks 2-4 Overview: Little L - 17m, Little V - 3m seems I disappeared; I disappeared from Blogland for almost two whole weeks! I may not have even noticed, but it seems I have a small following - they alerted me. So, why did I disappear? Did my computer break? Did I go on vacation? Was I so deep into craft mode that I simply had no time? Was I abducted by aliens eager to learn my mad crafting skills? No, I just didn't have anything very interesting going on. Also, I couldn't seem to make myself stay awake past 10:00pm and any blogging I do is done way after that!

But, as it turns out, what a wonderful day I have chosen to return! My placemat game has been featured on Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers!


Now, I have a purpose!

So, a quick update on some of the Tot School things we've been doing:

Water Play at a playdate
      Pool time with "Uncky"

 Learning our foods by feeding Elmo

Ending sounds worksheet - doesn't she look like she's thinking hard?

Park time. Not educational, you say? You'd be amazed how much vocabulary we work on while playing!

One-to-one correspondence with rocks and a mini muffin tin

Little L "reading" her farm book to her baby sister

Here are some of the books from the set above.

I can't recommend them enough. In the farm one pictured above, each set of pages is dedicated to one farm animal. On one page is a beautiful illustration and on the other a paragraph about the animal and gray-scale illustrations of several breeds of that animal. You the find the colored stickers in the middle of the book and match them to their illustration. Little L has been having a ball with these books!

We've also been working on:
- Lots of flashcards
- Learning about North American birds
- Reading small words (so far Little L has read "hat", "cat", Mommy, and her own name!)
- Co-operative reading (we have 5 books now that Little L helps me "read" by filling on words when I pause)
- Poems (I start and leave out the last word of each line, Little L fills it in!)
- Evening prayer (Much like the poems, I leave out the last word of each line for her to say. She also says, "Amen", as usual.

I'm sure there's more, but that's enough of an overview to make me not feel like an un-fit Mommy. Really, I'm new to this blogging stuff! I will try harder to make my tot school posts once a week!


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