I'm Back!!! With Learning Goals!!

Wow...June? Really? I'm such a slacker. But now I'm back with a renewed vigour! Maybe you should ask me if I still feel that way in a few weeks when I have THREE babies under 26 months...

The two we already have are sure getting big!

Anyways, I am really trying to be deliberate and organized with my homeschooling, especially for Lily. In an attempt to accomplish all of the things that I would like to in a given time span, I have decided to make two week lists of learning goals.

So, here is our list of goals for this week and next:

  • Understands how polar bears keep warm
  • Can identify/name basic Arctic animals
  • Can identify/name basic Antarctic animals
  • Can sort Arctic and Antarctic animals
  • Understands what camouflage is
  • Is familiar with how several Arctic/Antarctic animals camouflage
  • Knows at least one fact about each Arctic/Antarctic animal studied

  • Can locate Antarctica on a map
  • Can locate the Arctic circle on a map
  • Can locate 25 countries on the world map
  • Can locate all Canadian Provinces on Canada map
  • Is familiar with appearance/homes of Arctic peoples

  • Can identify the widest/wider/narrowest/narrower of a pair or group
  • Can sequence narrowest to widest
  • Can identify the thickest/thicker/thinnest/thinner of a pair or group
  • Can sequence thinnest to thickest
  • Can predict which of two objects will be heavier or lighter
  • Can choose the group of items with more/less/most/least

Language Arts
  • Can recite “The Caterpillar” by Christina G Rosseti
  • Can define “noun”
  • Can define common nouns, sister, brother, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, and cousin.
  • Can identify the letter (the capital) that makes a noun a “proper noun”
  • Can read 20 sight words
  • Can say the sounds made by the letters b, c, f, h, m, p, r, s, and v.
  • Can read all cvc “at” family words (bat, cat, fat, hat, mat, pat, rat, sat, vat)

Foreign Language
  • Can say the Chinese word for “cold”
  • Can say the French word for “cold”
  • Can name 5 objects in Chinese
  • Can name 5 objects in French
  • Can sing one French song
  • Can sing on Chinese song
  • Can sign “cold” in ASL
  • Does the ASL actions to “Humpty Dumpty” (wall, fall, horses, men, together, again)

  • Can name the first man and woman God created
  • Can name where the first man and woman lived
  • Can tell why Adam and Eve had to leave Eden
  • Can tell who told Eve to eat the apple
  • Can recite Genesis 1:1
  • Can recite James 1:17
  • Says evening prayer alone at least one time

Music Theory/History/Appreciation
  • Can tap one simple rhythm
  • Can choose between a C and F when hearing the notes played
  • Can identify portraits of Beethoven and Bach
  • Can choose composers portrait (between Beethoven and Bach) based on recited facts
  • Is familiar with the music of Beethoven
  • Is familiar with “throat singing”

Performing Arts
  • Can perform three basic tap dance steps
  • Can perform the basic Cha Cha step
  • Can play one guitar chord (Em?) while holding guitar in proper position

  • Is familiar with the works of Van Gogh
  • Can name at least three Van Gogh works
  • Can identify Van Gogh From a portrait
  • Knows at least three facts about Van Gogh
  • Knows what secondary colours combined primary colours make

Phys. Ed.
  • Can do three yoga positions when named
  • Can play one game on the Zippity

  • Can play a basic mouse control game
  • Can differentiate between left and right

Wish us luck! I'm sure we will need it! 


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