Garbage Turned ABC I Spy Game - Tutorial

I remember (and my Mommy likes to remind me) how, when I was a tot myself, I use to try to hoard every piece of garbage I could find - used popsicle sticks from the ground outside, old Smartie boxes, etc. My plan, it seems, was to keep it so that later I could make a "cwaft" (translation: craft) with it. Gradually that habit faded, but I am here to report a strange soon as I had children, it returned!! I now find myself collecting garbage and keeping it in an old box for later. I tell my husband that I plan to make things for the girls with this garbage. He probably thinks I'm nuts and has nightmares about us ending up on "Hoarders". You see, though, I really do have plans for each and every thing I keep!

So when we ate our mini chocolate Easter bunnies, I saw potential in the package. I started getting visions. Here is my idea come to life. This, however is only version 1.0. Look for a much better updated version soon!

What You Need:

- An old chocolate Easter Bunny (or Santa, or Cupid, or...) box with a clear plastic window
- Beads (and rice when you're making crummy version 1.0)
- Alphabet confetti
- Glue gun and glue

What You Do:

1) Painstakingly sort though your alphabet confetti until you find letters A-Z. My confetti also had numbers, so I added a 1-9 as well.
I bought my alphabet letters at Dollarama for $1. I have, however, seen similar packages at dollar stores in the U.S.A. for 2/$1.

2) Pour one tube of beads and some rice (or 2 tubes of beads and no rice if you want it to look shiny and pretty like it will in version 2.0) into the box and add in your sorted out letters and/or numbers.
I didn't buy enough beads, thinking that one tube would suit my purpose - I was wrong. I used rice for filler until I can make a better version.

3) Glue the top back together.

4) At this point you could cover the cardboard with a paper or fabric of your choice, which I will likely do in version 2.0 but, for now, the bunny adds character...right?

5) Shake to find each letter of the alphabet!

Pretty simple but, hey, it's fun!

And the moral of this story? Everything has potential!


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