Tot School Week One and Goals

To School Week One Overview: Little L - 16m, Little V - 3m

Well, our first "official" week of Tot School was at least a semi-success. We do a lot of learning on a regular basis, even by mistake, but this week we were somewhat intentional about it (we have been other weeks in the past as well). The biggest accomplishment was our farm totbook, most of which was downloaded here at 1+1+1=1. I also added some extras that weren't in their download pack.

I did put together the actual book but I'm not sure how much I like it. The size is a bit large, so I think I might make it a bit smaller in size by having it fold in on itself or something to that effect. I would like our books to be super-portable to we can take them along to our play dates. In the meantime, here's a preview of some of the components.

"On the Farm" printable book, tractor size sequencing, animal numbers, farm puzzle, animal match, heads and tails match.

Who's My Mommy Match cards, farm animal flash cards, vegetable flash cards, farm ending sounds worksheet.

There is more in the totbook, but I will do a dedicated post just for that when we're all done making it.

Here are some action shots of our farm week for Little L:

One of the tot book printables from 1+1+1=1 - the heads and tails match. In using this with Little L, I simply showed her one half and gave her two options for matching the other half.

Tractor size sequencing - another printable from 1+1+1=1. For this activity I took two tractors and asked which one was bigger or smaller. We did this several times and then we put them in order.

We love our DK flash cards! There happen to be a lot of farm animals and objects throughout the card sets that we have (including a whole farm set) to we just sorted through and picked them all out for farm week.

Little L loves board puzzles and is starting to get really good at getting the pieces into the holes on her own.

In the world of my little girl, everything has the potential to be a hat - here is the proof!

We also practiced some motor skills, including going up and down stairs and putting a necklace on and taking it off (and putting on Mommy and taking it off).

Some of our other activities included lots of books, a very sucessful potty day with two stickers on her potty chart (we aim for one a day), a nice nature walk where we learned about different types of flowers, writing practice on the magnadoodle, name recognition practice, playing of musical instruments, coloring animals that will go in a minibook for our lap book, and much more.

As for Little V:

We had lots of sisterly love...

...including some flashcard fun. every time I show a flashcard to little L she says, "Show?" and wants to show it to her baby sister. How sweet!

Mommy also showed Little V cards, including farm animals and vegetables.

We read books, including Henry Horse, on in a set of four "Noisy Carry-Along" books. This was another fabulous Dollar Store find for us.

This week, Little V also began working on the ancient art of teddy bear wrestling.

We also did lots of singing and dancing, worked on our colours, practised body parts, and so on...

One of my very favourite times this week was listening to traditional music from around the world. Little V was excited to show her appreciation by "singing" through all of it. Little L, because we've all been going to Salsa Babies classes, wanted to "Cha Chach" to all of it. Have you ever tried doing the Cha Cha to traditional Chinese music?? Picture that for a moment, if you will.

Anywho...because we didn't get done everything I wanted to get done, I have decided to extend our farm unit into next week. Because it will perhaps make me accountable, I will make a record here and now of the things I intend to do with the girls next week.

- Rubber duck size sequencing
- Farm shape sorter
- Cotton ball sheep
- Baa baa black sheep painting
- Rooster painting
- Tot book animal colouring (we've done some of this but will finish)
- Heads and tails match (we did this last week but will continue)
- Farm counting cards ((we did this last week but will continue)
- Animal match cards (find the friend, memory)
- Who's my Mommy cards
- Farm maze (a very simple maze that I printed and laminated. We follwe the path with our finger)
- Farm shadow match (laminated worksheet, we make the matches with our finger)
- Farm ending consonant worksheet (laminated worksheet - we point to the correct letter)
- Tractor sequencing (we did this last week but will continue)
- Vegetable flash cards (we did this last week but will continue)
- Farm animal flash cards (we did this last week but will continue)
- Farm board puzzle (we did this last week but will continue)
- Youtube farm videos (because we are unfortunately unlikely to make it to a farm this week...maybe though...)
- Farm songs multiple languages (Oh, Youtube, don;t let me down!)
- Chinese animal cards (Little L was born in China, so we try to keep up her Chinese)
- Chinese fruit and veg cards
- Farm animal sound match (I will play the actual animal sound Little L will match it to a photo
- Online farm games

I would also like to make sure we get in some of their other stuff (letter, rhythm and pitch practice, dot cards, etc.). I am seriously considering implementing some kind of workbox style system not because Little L needs it, but because I do to keep myself on track!

So...into week to of our farm study we go!


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