Jumping Right In!

Today (of course at 2:30 in the morning when I definitely should be sleeping) is the day that I decide to "Jump Right In", so to speak, and stop sitting on the sidelines of Blogland. And why shouldn't I? Our family is interesting and had lots of great things to share with the world, right? Right...? Oh well! Even if we're not, it will make me happy to share our story...so here we go!

Right now, we're a family of four, but that is subject to chance at any time as we are planning a large family and have no plans of slowing down anytime soon. My husband is a teacher and I am the stay at home Mommy of our two beautiful little girls, ages 3 months and 16 months.

While we're waiting for Daddy to come home from work, the girls and I fill our days with homeschooling (yes, I homeschool my babies - more on this later), cooking, and playdates. In my "spare time" I'm an avid crafter. Actually, that's not true. In my head I'm an avid crafter. I have lots of brilliant ideas and wonderful thing that I would love to make but it never seems to happen. I hope to change this very soon.

My plan here is to share with the world my recipes, creative homeschooling ideas, patterns, and love for my family.

So, for anyone who is interested, here is my list of planned learning goals for "Little L" (16 months) for 2010. I'm aware that this may seem a lot for such a little lady, but she is a bright gal and is already partially through some of these goal. I also think it is important to note (mostly to appease the naysayers who think that early education means that you are trying to "force" your child into genius) that we like learning to be fun around here! We only do activities that our children are interested in and for as long as they still think they are fun.

So, with that said, watch this week for our farm unit. We chose a farm theme because we will be ending the week with a cousin's birthday, who happens to live on a horse farm! Included in this unit will be our our first ever "Tot Book" (lapbooking for the wee ones) and lots of other fun and exciting activities!

So please, keep visiting - I promise it will be fun!


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