FREE Dinosaur Flashcards!

Happy Friday!

I though I would share some of the flashcards that I have made for the girls! This particular batch is dinosaurs (and a few other prehistoric animals). They are nothing special - just images from various sources on the web with the name of the dinosaur added on the bottom. I have been making a second set of cards to attach to the back with various facts about each dinosaur, but that's mighty slow going, so these will have to do for now!

A few points of interest:

- You don't have to have the text! I left the files in a format that is editable so you can take the text off if it suits your purpose better.

- There are a LOT of files. Well, only 11, but that could be seen as a lot. I had to do it this way to save my pitifully slow computer from crashing.

- I'm sometimes lazy (see, I even used "I'm instead of "I am", which saves me only one character if you include spaces! But...then I wrote this loooong explanation of how I was being lazy, so does it still apply...hmmm...?). As a result, I haven't converted the photos from their original format. This is not only due to laziness, but also because I didn't want to muck up the formatting. Soooo...if you really love dinosaurs and you want some free flashcards as a symbol of that love, you'll have to download Open Office here. It is also free and WAY better than Word, in my opinion.

As an aside, we found an AWESOME book this week - DK's my first animal lift-the-flap beard book. Of course, I love everything ever published by DK, I think but for us at this very moment in time, this one is a winner. Little L was totally excited to lift every flap and Little V was mesmerized by all of the real life pictures. She, at 3 months, even smiled and "talked" every time I lifted a flap! You should really check it out!

Oh yeah...back to what I was saying - Dino Cards! Download them here!


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